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Impressed by the program that Burston had created for AM General’s military HUMMER and HUMVEE brands, General Motors turned to Burston for their own brand program when they bought the civilian version of the HUMMER in 1998. By selecting apparel and merchandise that complemented the extreme durability of the HUMMER brand and the boldness of the HUMMER lifestyle, the program was successful beyond expectations. “They changed the way we did licensing”, said Gene Reamer, Trademark Licensing Manager for General Motors. The HUMMER product line quickly expanded into a 50+ page catalog, a dealer wholesale line and finally an e-commerce site that included H1, H2, H3, H3T and H3X products. Timely email blasts, special promotions and select advertising kept customers’ attention. Strong customer service and prompt order fulfillment kept them loyal. Working hand-in-hand with General Motors, Burston was able to develop a program that exceeded the client’s expectation and was true to the brand. Authentic. Premium. Like Nothing Else.™

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